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About Us

The motivation

BASIK’s Inception in 2016 was driven by a singular goal ; Create a product that marries style, elegance and durability, as a reflection of the profoundly evocative time we live in. The synergy between contemporary aesthetics and utilitarian functionality, derived from the needs of our consumer’s households, has only been possible because of our commitment to quality. We guarantee this standard of quality by conceptualising, designing and manufacturing all our products in-house and are driven with the need to enrich our customers lives at home, or on-the-go.


What we believe

At Basik, we authentically care about you and your family. Our product development is driven by an understanding of your everyday challenges with the desire to be your trusted brand. With over three decades of impacting the daily lives of individuals across the world, we hope our lasting effect is inspiring you to live your most confident, purposeful, and authentic life possible.

Our Infrastructure

Our motivations to create a product that is a 100% Made in India, lead us to build the first fully integrated stainless steel and plastics processing unit in India. Our in-house processes include pipe making, pipe forming, hydraulic pressing, injection/blow moulding, PU insulation, screen printing, hot stamping, laser printing, and several other pioneering metal forming and designing processes.



Constantly innovate, make sustainably, build a creative and diverse team, make in India and inspire a positive change in the communities where we live and work.


Create and promote great-looking, eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle products which help transform everyday life.

Our Values

Honor – Be your authentic selves.
Collaborate – We are the strongest when together.
Inspire – Make it memorable.
Passion – When you’re passionate, you’re committed.
Growth – Let’s try to constantly grow and learn.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


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