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Basik Boss Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Pack, 3 Tier

Basik Boss Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Pack, 3 Tier


Your Lunch Buddy : All your yummy home treats, fresh and nutrient just how you like it with our Lunch Pro series! With this range of ThermicaTM PU insulated lunch packs you can now enjoy your freshest and healthiest meals anywhere you go be it school, college, office or a fun picnic. The Electric lunch carry case that will heat up your meal in just 45 mins. Its convenient size and leak proof design will make sure you never leave home without a hearty meal, so eat like you never left home! 

  • Material : All our products are made with 100% BPA free materials that are certified to have antibacterial properties. Our high quality steel and the virgin plastics helps in retaining the freshness and flavour of your food and beverages.

    Care : Before using, remove any labels and wash and dry each item.
  • Designed to Impress : We design products that you need and will fit in your lifestyle. We strongly believe that the life of a product depends on its quality and usability so we give you the product you need with quality you deserve.

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